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Baby Slim SpincterSlim Spincter grew up as the only son of a garbanzo bean farmer in the small town of Lake Methane, Washington. Because his family was so poor, most of the meals consisted of beans in some form... bean soup... bean soufflé... bean salad... bean pâté... bean shakes... bean omelets... you get the picture. The high gaseogenic factor of garbanzo beans undoubtedly fueled Slim's explosive creativity, and at the ripe age of 8 he invented the Spincterfone. Many a grade school classroom still echoes from the sonorous blasts of Slim's Spincterfone! Fortunately for music lovers everywhere, those previous childhood annoyances have been transformed into musical gems you can now experience on CD... without the stinging of the eyes and the burning of the nose!

Adult Slim SpincterSlim (a/k/a Chris Leighton, the Elbow Man) caused quite a controversy back in 1993 when his musical talents were used in the KGO Newstalk 810 (San Francisco) Friday morning theme song. Click HERE for listener comments, HERE for the results of the listener vote, and HERE to listen to KGO's interview with Chris/Elbow Man/Slim. [audio files are in mp3 format]

Photo by John Mazzello

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